5 Stellar Franchise Marketing Hacks and What Trends to Follow This Year

by Compass Cleaning • June 28, 2022

With so many marketing techniques at one's fingertips, how do you decide which methods are the best? Every franchise owner wants their location to stand out from the rest of the pack—without distancing themselves too far from the parent company. You can always try to market across multiple different pipelines, but finding the best approach can often become quite a challenge.

5 Franchise Marketing Tips - 5 Fingers
With the right knowledge, you can certainly combine various advertising strategies to tap into the local market. And we are here to share that knowledge. So, without further ado, let's dive into the 5 franchise marketing hacks you need to know this year!


1. Your Brand's Voice: Loud and Proud

Inconsistencies in one's brand can devastate a franchise marketing strategy. As part of the parent company, you should always have a strong brand identity for you to rely on. Additionally, identity can also depend on your location or niche, especially when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising.

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Here's a little more advice on the voice of your brand:
  • Too much of a variety in brand identity can help or hurt your digital advertising. If you miss opportunities with local customers, your brand voice starts to seem inconsistent. Even as a company begins to rapidly grow, you should remain within your unique identity for emotional appeal. Stepping too far outside of this can weaken your brand's voice.
  • To avoid making a mistake like this in the future, don't hesitate to consult your parent company's marketing team. If you show evidence of local impact, they should be open to any innovative ideas.

2. Marketing to the Local Community

When marketing to your followers, using your parent company's brand recognition can go a long way! No matter how little your regional influence, you have a powerful voice to use online. Your franchise marketing campaign will benefit from using this voice to communicate with potential customers.
  • Unlike small businesses, which often struggle with online visibility, your SEO results can really flourish. It will require posting a bit of content regularly and link building to receive the fullest benefits though.
  • Content marketing is a sure-fire way to grow a local following! With effective keyword research, one can use local SEO marketing and geo-target their content.
  • Remember to always be diverse and engaging content and keep content relevant to local demographics.

3. Engage and Chat With Your Followers

A successful franchise marketing campaign relies on potential follower recognition and brand consistency, but another helpful secret is, it also depends on active communication with your followers.
  • Try out an email marketing campaign as well. You can generate new templates based on your local market and it's a fun, informal way to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Social media helps you zone in on the local market. Marketing on social media platforms allows you to retarget your potential customers. Retargeting can then be integrated into the automated processes you are currently running, such as PPC management.

4. Host Memorable Events

Another eye-opening franchise marketing hack is to "be a pillar of the community". Depending on your industry or niche, your organization can host virtual or live in-person events. Creating a live opportunity for honest customer engagement is a one-way ticket to securing organic leads as well.
  • When customers register, you can use that to advertise the event's exclusivity. This can set you apart from the competition and provide a unique chance for local marketing!
  • Hosting events generates interest and free content. Record the event, live stream it, and follow up with attendees. Offer them unique discount codes or engage them by sharing their content online. When you do this, you connect with entirely new customers who follow your customers previously.

5. Try to Operate Within Your Comfort Zone

Although digital marketing is the flagship of a successful advertising campaign, don't forget about the importance of in-person interaction. Although you want to engage with followers and customers digitally, the biggest gain in franchise marketing is for people who are physically shopping in your stores, ultimately directing visitors to your brick-and-mortar location.
  • When you are marketing locally, you can virtually try to drive customers into your business. This hyper-targeted marketing takes advantage of the patterns in consumer behavior for advertising.
  • Remember that repeat local customers in your physical franchise location can be just as advantageous as social media marketing.

Franchise Marketing Trends You Need to Know About This Year

2022 is here and time isn't slowing down any time soon! To help you craft the perfect marketing tactics for a prosperous year, here are a couple of franchise marketing trends:

TikTok: A New Frontier

TikTok LogoIf your target audience for your local business is classified as Gen Z or millennials, TikTok should be a crucial staple of your franchise marketing strategy. TikTok uses short-form mobile video clips anywhere from 15 - 60 seconds in length, with the frequent use of trendy music, audio, and filters. Most of the active users are teens and younger adults, which is the demographic that loves downloading new social media platforms.
And recently, for at least the past couple of years, a ton of social media memes and trends come from TikTok. Marketers who utilize the hottest internet trends can amplify credibility with their current audience.
To launch a lucrativeTikTok campaign, franchisees should hire a professional agency with plenty of experience on the platform to assist them:
  • Start an official branded channel
  • Collaborate with other TikTok influencers
  • Start and follow hashtag challenges
  • Run ads on your videos
  • Duet with other popular TikTok clips

Long-form Content Marketing

Consumers are hungry for content, and franchisees need to serve up lots of it – the secret is regularly updated long-form content. Ensuring that your content is actually answering "user intent" will affect how well your visitors receive the information. High-quality content has to be relevant, meaningful, and informational, with absolutely no fluff writing!
It should leave a user feeling as if they completely understand the topic at hand. Franchises can produce useful copy that educates users about the industry or trends within the industry. This technique is very helpful because it shows a brand’s expertise without being too "salesy." Long-form content writing can take the form of blogs, interviews, tutorials, case studies, white papers, forecasts about your industry, and/or product reviews.
One of the benefits of writing long-form is it goes hand-in-hand with SEO research and marketing. A post on Google’s first page of SERP results is usually more than 2,000 words, which suggests longer content is better. Search engines love long-form content because it shows domain authority and further understanding of your brand.
Other awesome benefits of long-form content include:
  • Brand authority
  • Increased Shareability
  • More Conversions
  • More ranking opportunities

Professional Franchise Marketing: Made Easy

Well, there you have it. We have outlined the franchise marketing hacks you need to know, along with current trends to follow! Now you can run a successful marketing campaign with no problem!
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