6 Helpful Tips for Franchise Owners: 2022 Edition

by Compass Cleaning • June 14, 2022

Running a successful franchise takes a lot of drive, passion, grit, and having a clear vision of what you want. The founder of one of the most successful chains to ever exist, McDonald’s, said, The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Having the knowledge to establish the correct standards for one's self and accurately bridge the gap between "what's vision" and "what's reality" is also a talent that every franchiser should possess.
You have to lay in the groundwork and provide the resources and tools franchisees need to improve performance and better serve customers. Whether you're ready to open up a new franchise, or just playing with the idea of such, here are six essential tips for franchise owners this year!

6 Helpful Tips for Franchise Owners

A Recipe for Success: The Tips and Tricks From the Pros

The initial step in knowing how to become prosperous in the franchise industry is determining what success means to you in terms of scale and vision. How expansive do you really want your reach to be? This can also, of course, change over time but having an idea will help you strategize effectively.
Whether you are a new business or a veteran in the franchise world, it couldn't hurt to have some advice from fellow franchise owners with an excellent track record. Think of us as your own personal free-of-charge franchise consultants; just in blog form. Here are some pro tips on the topic of franchise opportunities that all business owners should know about:

1. Love the Product(s) or Service(s) You Are Selling

Love your Product or Service

Entrepreneurship is an exciting venture filled with high peaks and low valleys. It’s easy to feel on top of the world when things are going nicely, but you need to possess the same enthusiasm when things aren't going as planned too. The truth is, the more passionate a franchisor is, the more likely they are to blossom and achieve their goals.
While it may be completely possible to expand your franchise with an exclusive interest in profits and vanity metrics, the drive present when you are passionate about something will always result in better company culture, customer service, products, and services sold.

2. Develop a Clear Plan to Effectively Reach Your Goals

This tip is crucial, especially for new small business owners. You need to develop a business plan. A business plan will serve as a roadmap to your business journey.
A business plan can be drawn up even in the beginning stages when a business has little money; as long as a clear vision is established. To save you the research process, here's a bit more info on drafting business plans. Most modern business models or plans will contain the following:
  • Business overview
  • Industry description
  • Customer description
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Operations management plan
  • Financial Plans
  • Appendix
  • Executive summary
Businesses should strive to meet the always-evolving needs of their customers. Having a strategic plan will communicate your milestones. It also helps you get serious about your current cash flow and the value of your business.

3. Be Sure to Hire the Right Batch of Team Members

A well-trained staff and excellent company culture is the most necessary aspect of your company. Your employees are responsible for how the business operates and how the business presents itself. This goes without saying for your business team and prospective franchisees.
Having the perfect mix of job role competency and company culture when hiring is vital. There’s no point in hiring an employee who doesn’t agree with your company’s core values

4. Provide the Correct Tools and Support to Your Franchises

The Right Tools

What creates a great franchise is a strong and supportive infrastructure. All franchisees need to go through the initial training when they first start, with no exceptions.
Even if they have loads of documented experience, an employee still must be taught the ropes. Providing regular training ensures standards are always held and benchmarks are actively met. As mentioned above, a successful franchise relies on its supporting foundation; a strong team.

5. Make Sure Your Franchisees Provide Great Customer Service

Having above par customer retention is proven to be much cheaper than talent acquisition because repeat customers are more likely to spend more on your product or service. Happy customers recommend your business to their family members and friends, which is the most organic type of marketing.
To effectively grow your franchise, you need to ensure your franchisees are accurately trained in the customer experience. Excellent customer service leaves an ever-lasting impression on customers and encourages them to return. Quick and transparent responses, relating to a client's issue and finding a solution, and actively reaching out to your clients with value-packed promotions are all ingredients to flawless customer service.

6. Get Involved in the Community

Here's a bonus franchise tip for you! Donating your time and/or services to your local community helps local potential customers become aware of your brand.
Getting involved in the community lets you give back to others and can also aid in providing valuable feedback on how to grow the franchise. Getting to know your community will allow you to familiarize yourself with potential customers and help you better serve them.

All the Tips You Need to Succeed: Made Easy

A successful franchise owner has a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit, and the patience to invest vast amounts of energy and time before reaping any of the rewards. Having the drive to keep growing as a franchise will certainly have your business rolling in the right direction.
If you enjoyed this article or would like to learn more tips for franchise owners, be sure to visit our blog!


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