Cleaning Franchises: Building the Perfect Business Plan

by Compass Cleaning • August 02, 2022

Modern cleaning franchise opportunities allow aspiring entrepreneurs to run a business without starting completely from scratch. These brands provide ongoing support, therefore helping their franchisees begin on the right foot while making quite the profit. Although that is very helpful in a growing industry, commercial cleaning is more than just carpet cleaning and green cleaning services. There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a janitorial business franchise and it may seem difficult to keep up.
So, how do potential business owners stay organized and successful? The secret is an effective business plan.
If you don't know where to start with a business plan, don't worry. We are here to help!

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business Plan

We have outlined how to write the perfect cleaning franchise business plan. Marketing strategy, initial franchise fees, and management tips; it's all in this commercial cleaning franchise guide. So what are we waiting for?
Let's get started on what a commercial cleaning business plan is all about.

What Exactly Is a Business Plan?

A proper business plan takes an accurate snapshot of your janitorial franchise as it currently stands today. After that, most plans will plot out the company's growth strategy for the following five years. It lays out all of your primary goals and your approach to achieving them.
Pro tip: It is an excellent move to also include valuable market research to support your plans

Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

If you are starting a janitorial business or growing your existing cleaning franchise, it is critical that you get started on your business plan as soon as possible. Think of your business plan as a clear roadmap to success. Because let's face it, it can't hurt your franchise to have a little direction and organization.
Ultimately, it will help you raise funding, it will help you market accordingly, and it will assist you in planning out the development of your commercial cleaning business.

How to Write a Business Plan: A Guide for Janitorial Franchisees

Things can get a little tricky and overwhelming when deciding how to outline your business plan. Every industry is different but all business plans possess the same key factors. Below we detail the primary things you should include in your janitorial franchise business plan:

Marketing Strategy

Traditionally, no matter what your market size is, an effective marketing plan contains the four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. For a cleaning franchise company, this helpful technique still applies and we are going to outline it below:
Product: In your product section, you should state the type of janitorial company you are and be sure to detail the exact products or services you will be providing. For example, in addition to the general aspects of general commercial cleaning, will your business also deliver the ability to customize services, such as vent cleaning or Covid-19 disinfection options?

Promotions: The second aspect of your janitorial franchise marketing plan is the promotions section. Here you will demonstrate how you will drive potential clients to your business location. The following are some promotional tactics you may want to consider:
  • Advertising in local papers, online press release articles, and magazines
  • Physical flyers posted around the area of operation
  • Local radio advertisements (surprisingly still has promising results)
  • Updating the company website for fresh SEO
  • Update the companies accounts and post on social media platforms
  • Other forms of media that boost brand recognition like podcasting and blog guest posting
Price: Document in a spreadsheet the current prices you will propose and how the prices compare to your competitors. Practically in the product and price sections of your marketing plan, you are introducing the products and services you offer and their existing prices.
Place: The place section of your marketing strategy, of course, refers to the location of your commercial cleaning company. Verify your location and note how the franchise location will influence your success. For example, is your commercial cleaning franchise located within driving distance of multiple business districts, tourist attractions, and lodging, etc.

Industry Analysis

Just as paramount, is industry analysis. Every janitorial franchise owner needs to provide a precise overview of the commercial cleaning industry because it is an essential part of a modern business model. While this may seem unnecessary, here are a couple of reasons to reconsider:
  1. Researching and analyzing the commercial cleaning industry enlightens you on current trends and best practices. It allows you to fully understand the market in which your business is operating.
  2. Market research can improve your strategy by seeing which products or services are making companies the most profit currently.

Customer Analysis

You must describe the present and potential customers you serve in your customer analysis section. Customers can honestly come in a variety of forms: churches, apartment complexes, office buildings, manufacturing plants, airlines, etc. The type of business you operate will heavily depend on the type of customer segments you select.
Marketing promotions for barber shop owners will differ from those of diagnostic laboratories, for example.
Your target customers can be broken down on the basis of their demographic and psychographic profiles. In terms of demographics, be sure to include all demographic information on ages, genders, ethnicity, locations, income levels, and device statistics of the customers you wish to do business with. Due to the fact that several types of janitorial services serve customers in the same city or town, such information is readily available on government websites.

Competitive Analysis

A complete competitive analysis should set the scope of indirect and direct competitors your business is up against. Your commercial cleaning company's direct competitors are other commercial cleaners located close to your location, while also providing the same products or services. Indirect competitors are the remaining janitorial companies customers may purchase from that aren't direct competitors.
For each individual competitor, draft an overview of what their business is, what it provides, and list their strengths and weaknesses. It is obviously impossible to know every detail about your competition but you should be able to find out the key factors to address. Ask yourself these questions: 
  • What types of customers does your competition serve, and in what area?
  • Which cleaning services do they currently offer?
  • Will your company provide services that your competitors dont offer?
  • What is their current pricing plan and can you match or beat it?
  • What does your competitor excel at?
  • What are your competitor's weaknesses?

Build an Effective Management Team

There are a few techniques you can use to be certain that your management team is top-tier. Think of the key players on your commercial cleaning team and document their backgrounds being sure to highlight the skills that prove their capacity to grow a company.
In theory, it would be advantageous for team members to have direct experience in managing commercial cleaning franchises. If you are lucky to have such an employee, emphasize this prior business experience and expertise. But also highlight any other commercial cleaning experience that you think will support your business on its path to success.


Draft a Business Plan for Your Franchise Business Today

Well, there you have it! You are now a janitorial business plan expert and you can start drafting away. No matter what type of franchise you wish to partner with though, the eligibility requirements, investment requirements, and the total initial investment will vary. Start out with a low-cost franchise that is proven to flourish in no time!
For more commercial cleaning franchise articles like this one, check out our blog. You can also fill out our online form to get started with your own commercial cleaning franchise business today. Your future franchise business awaits!


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